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Cross Connection Apostolic Alliance Worldwide

Founders of C2A2W
His Holiness, The Most Reverend Lorenzo A. Moore - 'Mar Yoseph'
International First Lady, Prophetess Michelle D. Moore.


Mission Statement:
     Empower ministry gifts, disciples, and business leaders to effectively impact the world through the teaching and application of the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the means of education, preparation, covenant, and connection; all while maintaining Kingdom integrity, operating inexcellence, maintaining individuality and divine authenticity with accountability.

   Connecting people to God and each other through covenant relationship for the manifestation of  Kingdom purpose.

     Founded in 2017 as King of Glory United Covenant Fellowship and expanded, rebranded, and relaunched in 2020 as the Cross Connection Apostolic Alliance Worldwide, Inc. (C2A2W) is an ecumenical covenant fellowship of churches as well as an apostolic network that provides spiritual accountability to churches,
ministries, five-fold ministry gifts and businesses. We exist to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among affiliate ministers and churches, thus enabling them to be more effective in their
calling for the purpose of Kingdom building. This reformation of pastors and ministry leaders, under the discipleship of our Senior Apostle & Bishop, Lorenzo A. Moore, are embracing the personal development of Christian leaders with a strong emphasis on family development and personal integrity. This reformation is committed to the principle of providing fatherly nurturing and care to its
membership. Regional leaders, the entire apostolic team, as well as other designated nurturing ministries, will be available to the members of C2A2W for counsel, encouragement, wisdom, and
fellowship. C2A2W desires to be a catalyst in bringing ministries and churches together around fellowship. The apostolic network serves as both a resource and an encouragement for Christian leaders

      The Cross Connection Apostolic Alliance’s oversight structure includes regional apostles and/or bishops,and ministerial overseers appointed by the governing apostolic team in designated geographical regions.The Alliance is both fraternal and ecclesiastical in nature and function. The fraternal nature allows thoseministry leaders that may be called to work in a historic denominational church to yet submit to thediscipleship of C2A2W without the need of licensure, ordination, or the like. The ecclesiastical structureof C2A2W, meets the need for independently founded churches, church planters, para-ministry leaders(evangelists, chaplains, outreach, prison ministers, etc.) to have proper apostolic and ecclesiasticalcovering and connection. This is not just for accountability, but legality as well. C2A2W is designed tobring supportive strength by offering practical and spiritual knowledge, prophetic direction, neededapostolic governmental structure to ensure a lasting foundation and most of all relational fellowship.Jesus sent his disciples out two by two, a paradigm that continued after his death, resurrection, andascension. As a koinonia* of churches, ministries, and leaders of like passions, we challenge, shareresources with, encourage, edify, and exhort one another so that we all are conduits of Christ’s Kingdomand purpose here in the earth.
* Koinonia (Coin-o -nee-ah) is the Anglicization of a Greek word (κοινωνία) that means communion by intimate participation.
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Connect With Us

We are grateful for your interest in joining the C2A2W fellowship. Please click on the link below to complete the application process, and a member of our fellowship will be in touch with you soon.

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